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Ocean Conservation Towel Collection/Anti-Microbial & designed to make a perfect Yoga Mat cover too

$65.00 $45.00

Introducing the #OneOcean Conservation towel collection designed in partnership with Xcel wetsuits these anti microbial technology quick dry towels are incredible and durable and travel light.  The perfect size to spread out on the beach or cover your yoga mat and more. Stay cool, dry, or warm all while supporting shark and marine research and conservation and brining awareness to the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants. This is a pre-order sale. Items are due to be in stock the last week of december right before christmas, we will do our best to do last min shipping for domestic orders. 

Please make sure to specify the design you want: Tiger shark black and White. Sandbar shark over under at sunset, Honu turtle reef, Whale family, The great white shark silhouette, or the double dolphin. 

Designed and photographed by @Oceanicramsey #OceanRamsey and @Juansharks #JuanOliphant with @OneOceanDiving and @OneOceanResearch @OneOceanCOnservation @WaterInspired @OneOceanEducation and @XelWetsuits #XcelWetsuits