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  • Tiger Shark Full Length Pants for Yoga, Swim, surf, dive, run, hike, lounge, raise awareness while you walk

    $72.00 $62.00

    The tiger shark featured on this full length wide comfort band pant is "SeaJewel Tiger Shark." She's a beautiful female tiger shark who spent many peaceful amazing hours with us while we were freediving offshore for a pelagic animal research and interaction dive with @OneOceanDiving. A beautiful disposition and a gorgeous shark, help raise awareness to declining shark populations and look amazing and unique in this design. #SaveSharks is printed on the front and back of the 4 inch wide waist band with a small tiger shark. One leg features a full leg photo of #SeaJewelTigerShark and the other leg is alternating tiger photo prints creating your own tiger stripes of tiger sharks. A powerful design that we plan to add to designs all over so keep an eye out for matching reusable bags, towels, clutches, sweaters, bikinis and more. #SaveSharks